Why Drivers Extra Car Insurance In Seattle

by | Sep 14, 2015 | Insurance

Washington drivers are required to maintain liability insurance only. However, this coverage level doesn’t present enough funds for expenses always. Additionally, it doesn’t provide coverage for the vehicle owners. The owner won’t receive any coverage if the accountable driver doesn’t have any insurance. Under-insured or uninsured Car Insurance Seattle helps in these circumstances.

What is Under-Insured and Uninsured Motorist Coverage?

These policies provide coverage for the vehicle owner when the other driver isn’t insured. It also supplements the coverage when the accountable driver doesn’t have enough coverage. This policy helps the vehicle owner pay their own expenses after an accident.

Why Do Drivers Need It?

Drivers prevent a potential financial loss if they have this policy. Although Washington is a fault state, the owner could face a long waiting time to recover any funds from uninsured drivers. This could present them with the full out of pocket expense of their accident. The under-insured and uninsured motorist insurance policy helps these owners. They provide them with a supplemental policy to cover their expenses. This could save them thousands of dollars.

Choosing the Coverage Value

Washington drivers should evaluate the total coverage value needed. They need to consider their projected medical expenses and property repairs. The value of their vehicle is a significant factor they should review. For example, repairs for a luxury vehicle could produce higher costs. They should also consider the most frequent accident injuries and the cost of treatment.

Avoiding the Litigation Process

Accident victims have the right to file a lawsuit to obtain compensation. However, if they choose a supplemental policy, they could receive enough coverage. This could eliminate attorney fees and a long waiting period. The vehicle owner won’t have to wait until the judge renders a decision. They also won’t have to wait for the needed funds.

Washington drivers receive extra coverage through under-insured motorist policies. These policies are supplemental options that settle claims when the accountable driver cannot provide coverage. They also help when the accountable party doesn’t have adequate coverage for the victim’s expenses. Drivers who need Car Insurance Seattle should contact SAV-ON to receive a free quote.

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