An Overview On Bail Bonds

by | Apr 27, 2013 | Insurance

A bond is a payment that is made to court to execute the release of a defendant awaiting trial for criminal charges. Bonds Lansing MI allows many people to get their loved ones out of jail. The court is responsible for declaring the bail amount, which the defendant must raise to ensure that are released but with a promise to appear in court for the trial proceedings, failure to which leads to arrest. It is important to note that bonds vary from one criminal offense to another.

There are times when a defendant cannot raise the bond Lansing, MI amount. They need to get financial help and this is usually available from bail agents. The best bail agents for a defendant to get bond from are usually those who are insured. In addition, there are insurance companies that advance loans to defendants. They, therefore, make the payment on behalf of the defendant. These insurance companies and the bail agents are greatly experienced in dealing with different types of bonds and handle the bond payments professionally.

Before agreeing to pay bond for a defendant, the insurance companies or the bail agents must first determine if paying bond for the defendant is a good risk or a poor risk. This is done by conducting a background check on the defendant

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