The Right Financial Advisors in CT Can Help Plan a Secure Future

by | Jun 20, 2013 | FInancial Service

Most Americans can no longer count on guaranteed pensions to fund their retirement. Their company 401k funds may not perform well enough to give them the type of security they are hoping for. If they want to retire prior to qualifying for Medicare, they will have to be able to pay steep medical insurance premiums for a number of years. Many couples waited to have children, so they are both planning for retirement and paying college tuition. These pressures make it difficult to find the money to pay for everything at once. That’s why many people have turned to a professional Financial Advisors CT company. They need help sorting through a myriad of decisions to get the best possible outcome.

Lately, there have been many horror stories in the press about financial advisors and Ponzi schemes. These are fund managers that promised their clients the world. Unfortunately within a few years their original promises were broken. They were in jail and their clients had lost all of their investments. Conservative investors know that it’s best to find a Financial Advisors CT company that has been in business for many decades. It’s even better if several generations of a family can recommend the company.

That way a person knows that they will be available year after year to shepherd their investments. As their financial needs and goals change, the financial advisors are there to help. No one ever goes into a marriage thinking that they will divorce, but it happens frequently. This one event can derail the best laid financial planning. It is very expensive to go from paying for one household to paying for two. When the financial planners know a family, it’s easier for them to help them cope.

In the past decade, many financial firms began investing in derivatives and mortgage securities and continue to do so today. These are very risky investments that should not be included in the portfolios of people planning for a secure retirement. Financial Advisors CT professionals know of many other more appropriate investment vehicles for this population. As they near retirement, the investments have to become much safer so that capital and wealth are preserved.


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