The Georgia Marketplace Facilitates the Acquisition of Obamacare Coverage

by | Apr 29, 2022 | Insurance

President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act, called “Obamacare,” into law on March 23, 2010. As the most significant overhaul and expansion of healthcare coverage since 1965, the Act led to more people obtaining coverage. More specifically, changes to healthcare insurance markets and expansion of Medicaid eligibility led to increased coverage.

The Enrollment Process

It’s a straightforward process to enroll in the marketplace in Atlanta, GA, especially since you do it online. Simply access the Georgia marketplace website obtain a quote and then enroll for the first time or re-enroll.

Get a Quote First

Georgia residents may find it helpful to view the tutorial on the homepage. When you go to obtain a quote, you’ll need to input an accurate estimate for your household income to receive an accurate quote for your monthly premium.

Enrollment and Re-Enrollment

The various plans detail the coverages for doctor visits and other services. These federal health insurance exchange plans are called Qualified Health Plans (QHP), and they include monthly federal assistance. Georgia residents enrolled in a QHP will receive IRS Form 1095 for their federal tax return. High-income Georgia residents do not qualify for this federal assistance. They should enroll in a lower-priced bronze plan with a high deductible. You will receive confirmation emails from both HealthSherpa and from the marketplace.

Contact Us

Now is the time to obtain healthcare coverage. Contact Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace at to enroll in the marketplace in Atlanta, GA.

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