Reap the Rewards of Selling Bitcoin

by | Feb 28, 2018 | FInancial Service

Investing in bitcoin has become a rapidly growing activity. Within just the last few years, the crypto currency has become more used, bought and sold. Its a value in the public eye has actually increased. It stands to reason that there was once fear when it came to investing in bitcoin. It is important to note that that same fear surrounded the use of credit cards when they were first introduced, as well. Today it is rather easy to sell bitcoin in Los Angeles. Companies such as RockItCoin place ATMs in locations that are convenient so you can start using them without any hassle. While block chain technology is known to keep this type of technology and currency safe, using ATMs from reputable companies makes reaping the rewards of selling bitcoin a pleasure.

Help Get Your Bitcoin Transactions Confirmed Quickly

There is a way to ensure that your bitcoin transactions are confirmed quickly. It is recommended that you set your mining fee to the highest priority in your wallet. This goes a long way in helping your transaction to be confirmed in a quick manner. Of course, you want to be able to get your money and go. When you follow these steps to sell your bitcoin at a RockItCoin ATM your transaction will go smoothly. The steps on the screen will encourage you to press the correct buttons in order to withdraw cash. First, select the precise amount you desire from the transaction tiers. This will get your transaction started.

Sell Your Bitcoin Easily

Once you have selected your transaction tear you will need to enter your pin number and your mobile phone number. Next choose the amount you wish to withdraw. Use your digital wallet to scan a QR code that is provided on the screen. At this point, your digital wallet will act as a camera. After this has been accomplished, youll receive a redemption code via text. The bitcoin will need to be confirmed on the network one time then you will get another text which allows you to use the redemption code to get cash.

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