How to Transfer Money to India from Canada

by | Oct 2, 2015 | FInancial Service

According to the survey conducted by World Bank in the year of 2012, approximately $24bn had been sent from Canada to India. How to transfer money to India from Canada? is obvious question especially when it is your first experience. But the moment you choose RemitGuru for online remittance; your question will probably change to how effective money transfer is possible?

RemitGuru gives quick, simple and secure remittance service to the Indians living in Canada. We do understand the urgency of effective money transfer. There are multiple options such as online transfer, ACH, wire transfer, cheque transfer, etc. to send money to India from Canada. Indeed, RemitGuru delivers world class online remittance experience. To offer client focused service is primary objective of RemitGuru and Rewards on Referral scheme is testimony to the claim.

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Indian Company can better understand the expectations of Non Resident Indians overseas. Be assured about satisfactory service, RemitGurus customer support team attends all your queries, so that you will never have to face any issue. You may read our blogs and articles online for better understanding about remittance and RemitGuru.

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