How Can a Private Transfer Agent Improve Your Company?

by | Oct 27, 2017 | FInancial Service

Are you looking for a way to demonstrate expertise and connectedness between the company and the public? If you continue reading you can find out how a private transfer agent can improve your company.


Transfer agents jobs are to have undeniable expertise in governance and compliance and administering shareholder records matters.

Shareholding records are managed and protected the same way that large public corporations records are and this is ensured by the skills of transfer agents. Regulations are always changing, so the agents work diligently to keep your records so that they follow any new requirements that are added and also keep compliance costs low. Using 15c211ccf may even be able to help.

Also, if you were to go public as a company, a transfer agent can manage the initial public offering processes and any other needs that a public company may run into.

Crowd Funding

Companies often issue shares through platforms such as crowd funding and thats where a transfer agent comes in handy to be ready to comply with all regulations that may arise so that you are safe and accounted for a company.

If the company holds a transfer agent that is registered and doesnt surpass $25 million in assets, any securities that may be sold from a crowd funding based offering may be exempt from certain reporting requirements.

Companies that take part in Web-based crowd funding may maintain accurate records of securities transactions when working with a transfer agent; it provides an easy way to meet the new regulations.

In general, private companies do not need as many complex requirements compared to a public company. But using a transfer agent may assist you in reducing any risks associated with shareholder records and loosen the load to allow you to freely manage and grow your business safely. They may not appear to be the most flashy of functions, shareholder record-keeping, and regulatory compliance may be crucial for your company to be successful and safely accounted for. Visit Colonial Stock Transfer Company, Inc. for more information.

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