Finding Companies Who Accept Bitcoin as Payment

by | Oct 22, 2018 | FInancial Service

The very first Bitcoin purchase that ever happened was for a pizza. Times have changed a lot since then and more and more retailers are accepting this cryptocurrency as payment for products and services both online and offline. We cant list every single company that offers this option, but what we can do is let you know the basics of where to spend your Miami Bitcoin.

Charity & Tipping Online

One of the simplest ways to use your Bitcoin is by utilizing it for charity. Many authors of blogs accept Bitcoin, as do many different charitable causes including the Water Project, Save the Children, and Medic Mobile. For any Reddit users out there, Bitcoin can also be used to buy Reddit Gold for your favorite contributor on that social media site.

Online Retailers

One of the largest retailers online who accepts Bitcoin is none other than You can buy all sorts of household items from their online storefront. You can also buy some video games using Bitcoin, most notably games offered by Microsoft. There is even a Minecraft server that uses the network Bitcoin is on to power their unique in-game currency.

Travel Services Online & Offline

If you need to book a hotel, catch a flight, or go on a cruise, there are options to pay with Bitcoin for all of them. Expedia, Ships & Trips Travel, and CheapAir are known for accommodating those who prefer to make purchase with Bitcoin. There are even a few car dealerships out there who will take Bitcoin in exchange for a vehicle. While you may still have to pay for fuel with cash, that may change in the future.

Restaurants & Food

You can also fill your stomach using Bitcoin, depending on where you are located. There are two restaurants that take Bitcoin in the Miami area. You can hit up Latin House Burger & Taco Bar or the Clevelander. There are restaurants scattered across the world, though. You can find them all at their website.

Get Bitcoin in Miami

If you want to purchase Miami Bitcoin, there are plenty of options. One of the most convenient and secure options for a beginner is to use a Bitcoin ATM. RockItCoin offers cryptocurrency ATMs in the area where you can both sell and purchase Bitcoin in a physical space. If you would like to learn more, you can visit us online.

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