Factoring of Accounts Receivable: Increase Business Funds Without Incurring Debt

by | Feb 9, 2015 | FInancial Service

Running a small business takes more than a good idea and organization. It also takes money. When a small or mid-sized business is just starting up, its working capital will probably not allow room for spending on anything apart from necessities, and even those funds can run dry at times. Fortunately, there is help out there designed to keep business on track with the factoring of receivable accounts.

A Simple Solution

Many businesses eventually find themselves stuck in a situation after their start-up in which their cash flow has slowed down a little too much and all they have left are invoices that have been sent out to customers for products or services that they provided on credit. In some weeks or months, they may have a nice flow of cash rolling in from these, but in the meantime, how do they build up enough working capital to keep operations running without incurring a mountain of debt? The factoring of accounts receivable is one easy solution, and at United Capital Funding, we are here to help keep business running smoothly.

Funding and Support to Help Your Business Grow

At United Capital Funding, we have been handling the factoring of accounts receivable for almost two decades. We make it our duty to provide a more lucrative alternative to traditional sources of business financing, such as leasing equipment; asset-based lending; venture capital; and short-term loans. We understand the importance of gaining working capital without incurring debt. As a company that started from scratch, we have been in the same situation before as many of the businesses that we have helped in the last 18 years of operation.

How Does This Service Work?

Unlike bank loans and other traditional funding methods, at United Capital Funding we like to make the process a simple and straightforward one. There are no application fees or obligations for businesses that apply for factoring with us. The application is usually approved within 24 hours, and we supply funds for the factoring your accounts receivable just days after approval.

We want to help businesses achieve growth without incurring debt. In addition to factoring, we give the staff the time to focus their resources on growing their business by providing many additional services, which ease the burdens of managing your accounts receivable.

What are the Requirements?

To qualify for our factoring your receivables, a business must meet a few requirements. They should have an accounts receivable minimum of $25,000 per month for services, which have already been provided or for goods that have already been delivered. The business’ customer base must be diverse, credit worthy, and based in the United States. Once qualified, applicants can receive funding for accounts receivable from $25,000 all the way up to $5 million.

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