Finding a Financial Advisor in Virginia Beach

by | Apr 12, 2013 | FInancial Service

If you’re looking for a financial advisor virginia beach, here are some things you should consider. Financial planners give advice on how to save and invest money to save for the future. Some specialize in estate planning or retirement, and others can give advice on a variety of topics.

When looking for a financial advisor, look for CFP after their name because it means Certified Financial Planner, which is a credential given to certified advisors. This credential means they have passed a test about personal finance and they take continued education about the subject.

If your needs are simple, use a planner who charges by the house because they will often charge less for your needs. As your needs change, some advisors charge a flat fee or take a percentage of your investments for their fee.

Look for an advisor who is a fiduciary because this means they have promised to have their client’s best interests in mind at all times. Advisors who are not fiduciary will give you services that benefit you, but they may not be the best services available to you.

Ask a potential financial advisor if he has been convicted of a crime of any time. Also ask if any investment related group or regulatory body has ever investigated the advisor and what the outcome was. You can also ask for references from clients to see how their experiences were with that advisor in the past.

Do your own research and make sure the advisor’s credentials are current and true. If the financial advisor Virginia Beach claims to be in an organization, call to ensure that they are, in face, a member.

No one can predict the future, so avoid an advisor who claims to know how the stock market will perform in the future. No person can make that claim, and you do not want to take the risk with your money.

A good financial advisor Virginia Beach will ask you about your goals and your portfolio. They should ask what type of risks you want to make and help you achieve your financial goals.

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