Benefits Of A Mortgage Rochester IL

by | May 6, 2013 | FInancial Service

Is refinancing a mortgage beneficial or not? When homeowners consider whether to refinance, they may wonder what are the benefits of doing it. Why bother if there is not any?

One of the main benefits that entices most homeowners is the lower monthly payment on their mortgage. The refinancing will decrease the payment to be made each month and the homeowner will have extra money in the bank because of it. If the homeowner can save at least 5% per month, then the refinance is beneficial. An example would be if the mortgage Rochester IL payment is $1000 the new payment after refinance should be around $950. There are many lenders that will not refinance the mortgage if they do not see a benefit to the property being refinanced. The lender will often use the 5% rule to determine that.

Lowering the term of the loan would be another reason a homeowner may want to refinance. In order to pay off the term quicker, a homeowner will sometimes switch from a 30-year to a 15-year term. This will pay off the loan quicker. The refinancing to a 15-year term will not only pay off the loan faster, but will save money over the life of the loan. The interest rate will be lower, too. With the interest rates becoming lower lately, this has been an option many homeowners have taken advantage of.

Some homeowners like to take advantage of the cash out mortgage because it allows them the opportunity to be able to use the equity of their home to get cash back. The homeowner can take this money to do home projects or pay down other debt. They can also consolidate other debt into the mortgage Rochester IL. This can save them plenty of money each month.

If a homeowner is behind on their property taxes or escrow account a refinance can help them to catch it up. These change each year and can cause a homeowner to fall behind and a refinancing will help them to bring the account up to date. If the account becomes short, a lender will increase the mortgage payment to bring the homeowner up to date. It could sometimes go up by hundreds of dollars but if a homeowner refinanced the loan then it could restructure the loan.
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